The Problematic Proem

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.
This illustrious man
needs no introduction
as you no doubt know
of his amazing work
around the globe
including these United States,
Canada, all of Europe and China,
India, South America, Australia
Fiji and even Timbuktu, ha ha
And of course there’s
no need to mention
all of the wonderful cities, venues
and stages that have been graced
by his presence
such as where we are all gathered now
as well as The Royal Opera House and
Teatro la Fenice, and let us not
forget the wonderful Sydney Opera House
in the land way down under, ha ha
Indeed it goes without saying
that this award-winning musical giant
with who knows how many Grammy Awards
in several categories including
Rock, Rap, Reggae and
the now-defunt Polka, ha ha just kidding
Without further ado
let me present to you this talented
and illustrious man
we are so blessed and honored
to have here on this very stage
where others like him have performed
such magical and magnificent music
that touches heart and soul
so very deeply and profoundly
that it’s hard to fathom
such depths
But if you listen with open ears
and hearts you’ll hear what
he’s actually saying
which is way beyond what
words can express.
Please welcome and give a
hearty applause for…

Is anybody out there?

Prompt: A problem poem; could be about a problem
the narrator is suffering through,
someone else’s problem, a math problem

Photo by quinn.anya

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