The Leaf

Caught in a rush of wind
it swirls and rises
then gently spirals
down toward the river

Another gust nudges it
over a rock
then another rock
and into the
cool choppy water

It swirls again
this time with
less grace but
still in harmony
with the flow

Once more it spins
joining with others
just like it
creating a colorful
carpet rushing over
jagged stones

Hours later
fifty miles farther
it comes to rest
torn and tattered
but fully alive

Prompt: A voyage poem

Crazy 8

He was certifiably insane,
that man in the window.

Blood was everywhere,
and I mean everywhere.

The mood and the air,
they were heavy, so heavy.

Hardly anyone talked,
except for that man.

He had witnessed everything,
and had things to say.

So many things that happened
day after day at the slaughterhouse.


Prompt: Write a violent poem and/or peaceful poem
Image credit: Trapped by Aditya Doshi – Source


One by one
they arrive

Some invited
others not

Some sin-cere
others not

Some truthful
others not

Some naive
others not

One by one
they arrive

Wearing various

The writer
The speaker
The coach

The teacher
The mystic
The guru

Some bearing

with strings

Some offering

to change
your life,
or theirs

Their life

Mostly their life.

Inspiration: Unethical Internet marketers, gurus

Carl and Carli

Carl Masters
to all
their questions

He barely
concealed the
he felt
truly felt

Carli Meadows
to all
their questions

She dared not
conceal the
she felt
truly felt

24 hours later
Carl and Carli
got the news
Carl at $55,000
Carli at $45,000

For the same job

Because Carl was
quite disagreeable
and Carli wasn’t

Inspiration: “Do Nice Guys — and Gals — Really Finish Last?
The Joint Effects of Sex and Agreeableness on Income” (PDF)